There is a shift that is happening at a global level - people are wanting to do their part to create a world where everyone - including themselves - can thrive. 

You have taken a very powerful step onto a unique journey that will result in a life where you are engaged in meaningful activities while attracting to yourself the income and lifestyle that you desire.  The practical steps, the teaching and the hands-on discovery of finding your sacred gifts is powerful and dynamic which will bring you to a completely new level of understanding and personal - and for some of you, even spiritual - development.

For those of you that are part of the Time To Shine Video Marketing Program, further information will be sent out to you via email.

Next Steps

Step 1

Within the next 24 hours, you will receive an email from ‘’ with your link to the Discover Your Sacred Gifts Audio Series (please check your spam mailbox). 

Once you receive this email, please check that your link to the audio series is working by using the password that is given to you.

This series is yours to keep and to listen to over and over again into the future.  Your step-by-step instructions will be found there within, alongside the guidance and reassurance of direction that will be provided in our calls. 

Step 2

While the audio series will provide you with the course content, the debrief calls that we will share are essential to process the information and its significance for you. 

To choose which date you would like start the Discover Your Sacred GiftsTM Group Program, please click on the link below and make your selection.

PLEASE NOTE: The program runs for three weeks with 4 mandatory phone calls (one Orientation call plus three debrief calls). Ensure that you are available for the duration of the program.

Step 3

Invites will be sent to you to book these dates and times into your calendar as well as provide you with the ZOOM Meeting Link - please ensure to accept the invitation.

Step 4

Have your pen and paper available for each call, any completed worksheets, and your questions ready… it’s going to be an awesome journey together.


Should you have any questions, please email me at

I am thrilled to get to know and to grow with you.

Expect Greatness, Natalie