Tired of feeling like you have to do everything for everyone?
Unsure of what it is that you are
supposed to - or even WANT to - be doing?

 Do you often wonder if 'this' is what you will be doing for the rest of your life?

Does it feel like there is something more you are supposed to be doing with your life but you really have no idea how to figure out what that is?

Are your friends, family, teachers and co-workers telling you what you should be doing based on what you are talented in, but the thought of spending the rest of your life doing this 'thing' you are 'good at' makes you want to get into bed and pull the covers over your head?

Are you saying YES to people when all you really want to do is tell them NO, and then spend your time avoiding situations and people so you don’t have to follow through with what you agreed to?

What makes your Soul dance?  Do you even know?

Everyone wants to live a happier, more meaningful and 'on purpose' life... The way to get there is by knowing your gifts and using them in a way that makes you feel on purpose.

Sacred Gifts are "power tools" you have within you that allow you to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

Once you discover what your Sacred Gifts are you will be free to do what really makes you feel happy and fulfilled, you will no longer have to say YES when you mean NO, which means that you will:

Be happier

Have clarity about what you really want - in all areas of your life

Know which direction to take in your life and work

Feel a sense of peace

Stop feeling guilty about NOT doing things that make you unhappy

Release judgment about yourself and other people so you can have more fulfilling relationships

Understand yourself better

Let go of unrealistic expectations

Feel more balanced and on purpose

Feel more connected to your work

Learn how to use your gifts as a compass for decision-making in terms of your career and life in general

Sleep better because what you are doing matters, it has meaning for you and you get paid to do what you love

Ashleigh Dickson

“I often tell people how life-changing the program is... I tell them it is far better than any personality test that we all have participated in.

I own it more knowing my gifts...

In the moments where my gifts are supposed to shine - if I have a feeling of resistance or fear at first,

I am able to tell myself, ‘This is my gift, so show up and shine'...

This brings me instant confidence when I need it most.”

Peter Gosciola

"It helped put me on the path of feeling on purpose [and to figure] out what it is that I really want to do with my life. 

Learning what my gifts are opened me up to follow a different path than I thought I needed to follow, or was even possible for me to follow.

When I meet people that seem a little lost, or they hate their jobs, I mention the program and how it helped me. 

I tell them they need to speak to Natalie Uroda, my Sacred Gifts guide."

Michelle Larcher

"The main take away from this course was peace of mind... Being ok with not knowing everything and doing everything -

allowing those around me the space to be who they are, not what I want them to show up as, and appreciating

and accepting those around me for the gifts they have.

I would share with someone who is interested in DYSG that this course will assist in any and all areas of life -

even if they think their life is 'perfect' right now."

Izabella Kozicka

"The DYSG Program provides you with clarity, understanding and tolerance toward self and others.

It explains why we are compelled to behave in certain ways and it clarifies the direction to take to create fulfillment in one's life.

It has become an integral part of my knowledge... I now have greater understanding of myself and others."

Averill Lehan

"There was not one big problem solved by this program, it was much bigger than that because it had an effect of moving the needle of understanding on so many areas of my life. And it's not a one-time thing. It's an ongoing life evolution.

If you're thinking of participating in this program... do it.

Go in with an open mind and an open heart. Allow the process to unfold and be surprised;

more likely be amazed at a deeper level of knowing 'who you are'."

Hina Mahindru

"The benefits of taking the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program have been multifold!

It's helped me to understand the differences between skills and gifts, I've learned the concept of the right vehicle for our Sacred Gifts to play out and it has taught me to check-in if what I am doing makes me feel on purpose… if it is beneficial to me AS WELL AS being meaningful to others. And if it isn’t both, I don’t force it."


This process is for you if you are serious about discovering what your hidden gifts are.

To do that you'll:

Have access to powerful teaching materials and audios that will take you on an ongoing life journey of discovery.

Complete a one-of-a-kind comprehensive definitive gift assessment that is incredibly revealing.

You’ll learn about all 24 Sacred Gifts in detail.

You’ll go through a 4-week life-changing program working with me, your Sacred Gifts Certified Guide.

Most assessment tools focus on personalities, abilities and skills. Though these are important aspects of self-discovery, they are superficial compared to our program which focuses attention on your superhuman abilities or unique gifts that are often unseen, overlooked and under-utilized.  They reside in your soul and many people check their soul at the door when they go to work.  Does your job show the world who you truly are?

You can get this powerful and life-changing program right now.

Don’t spend another day being tired and frustrated.  Don’t spend another minute arguing with your friends and family because you just aren’t happy.  Don’t spend another second sitting at home alone because you can’t find the motivation to go out and enjoy your life!

You have the answer right here and now.  Find out what your gifts are and start using them in your life.  You never know how long your life will be... Don’t waste another minute of it.

Remember: The answers to the really big questions in life can't all be found on Google. Knowing what your gifts are is one of those big questions.   


I am honoured to have been trained and certified under the personal direction of Monique MacDonald, 

 creator of the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program.


I look forward to guiding you on this unique and powerful journey!                                  - Natalie

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